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GIZMO / Mini system stand???

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  • GIZMO / Mini system stand???

    May not be the purdiest, but at this price, more than functional - for something:scratchchin: Dang it,I thought we had GIZMO dimensions?? Is 12" deep enough??

    EDIT: Just saw the shipping charge...:crazy::greedy:
    Of course, you could order 25 or so and they would have to ship free...:nervous::fryingpan:

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    Nice. For $10...I am sure I can find a use for it.

    Thanks for lookin out.


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      :whs: SEE MY EDIT

      Wonder if they would do a group buy???
      Craig, wanna "stock" a few of these to offer w/ a GIZMO???
      Dang, do we have dimensions on WAF1 ??
      A pair of the smaller full range speakers yet to be officially in development & a GIZMO nicely on 1.
      3 of these, 1 for GIZMO & Source, 2 - 1 for each speaker ...
      I can think of lots of configurations alond w/ the benefit of CD storage.

      I think I'm just looking for a reason to order 2 or 3....but ain't paying that kinda shipping!!


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        Wow...didn't realize the shipping would be almost 2.5x as much the cost of the stand...

        Oh well, I didn't actually need one anyway.


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          It says they were $179, you are still saving a fortune. ;)
          Regular guy.
          Tubey or not tubey, that is the question :smoke1:


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            Maybe I can find something else I need to get the total to $200 - free shipping then!:snaggletooth:


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              Just order 21 of them, and start to think about all the things you will need to buy to put on them all.


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                Hmm... This is probably a major longshot, given the number of units to be ordered and the logistics involved in distributing them afterwards, but would anybody be interested in trying to pool together for a bulk order on these suckers? If only because they're so flippin' CHEAP...