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Affordable$$Audio August 2010 Issue

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  • Affordable$$Audio August 2010 Issue

    The layout editor asked me to pass along that Issue 56 of Affordable$$Audio is now available for free download. This month you'll find reviews on the following:
    Class D Audio CDA 254 Amp Kit
    Shuguang S300MK Int. Tube Amp
    Tand Band D3.1 Back Horn Kit
    Arx A3 Speakers

    In addition, is a must read article regarding Early Stereophonic Listening and Evaluation. Plus much, more.
    Thanks for reading!
    Staff writer TONEAudio
    Founder, Publisher Emeritus Affordable$$Audio

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    I always read AA when it comes out each month!
    Tweak City Audio WAF-1, Paradigm PS1000, Jolida FX-10 tube amp, Samsung Blu-ray, Beresford TC-7520 DAC, Apple Airport Express (living room)

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    Other stuff: Usher S-520, JohnBlue JB-3, MiniWatt, Glow Amp One, Nuforce Icon Mobile, Sennheiser HD595