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  • Not really "geek" topic...

    ...but since there is not yet an OT/Other stuff forum, figured I would put this here.

    Building new EC for my small room.
    I'm addicted to using PVC when building things because A) It's inexpensive
    B)Easy to implement when no real "workshop" C)I like the idea on an "open" design D)My dad used to sell PVC for a living, so I guess that it's some kind of blood connection...:goodvibes:

    Planning for when I finally get a new TV - likely 42" FP, but could be 50" and possibly still a RP set...

    Having XLS across the front, the horizontal center is presenting slight compromise in design - I want to raise the fronts slightly from where there are now (currently 16" stands) and still keep them on same plane.
    Can't wall mount, so my EC is gonna have to have TV "tier" , and it's height is gonna be approx 34" off the ground.

    Having sheet of 3/4 ply cut something like this:

    A/B will be 16" x 90". C will be 14" x 45"
    Plan on using 8 : 1-1/2" SCH40 as supports between A & B. Plan on 16" supports. A being base housing components & such. B is speaker level.

    C will be TV tier, supported by 4 cuts of same PVC - obviously approx 14" tall to accommodate height of XLS center. 2 "rear" supports 30" spread & front supports will be centerd 10" spread straddling center XLS.
    Does this make sense? Can you picture it?
    Basically, equipment layout will still resemble this:

    Guess why I'm posting is to ask, do you guys think my "supports" are enough to handle this? Weight & stability wise - especially the TV tier...
    I have no small children, but pets. And the size will make the front wall - coming in from the door a little "tighter".
    being this "large" - I plan to put on 8 casters to easily move for hooking up/upgrades, etc...

    Am I stable enough???

    Not sure if I'm gonna paint or stain plywood. Corners cut/rounded & edges rounded over. PVC likely to be painted a subtle reddish/brown shade to "accent" MNS XLS...

    What ya think???

    Of course, will post pics as things progress...

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    And seeing as how I confused the folks "over there"...

    Here is a terrible front rendition of finished idea....

    Man, I don't see why "those guys" couldn't picture what I was trying to do. Hope only the smart ones come over here....:raspberry::crazy::snaggletooth:;);)


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      Yeah, actually I have been thinking 'bout that since I will have so much "leftover"

      I'm gonna use slip caps bolted & glued to "shelving" & then place PVC supports - almost like modular type furniture. But, since it's "open" - some ply on the back of the comp section would help stabilize & hide wiring - without really sacrificing "air-flow". Even if not - I think it would take a strong push or tumbling drunk coming through the door to topple. I do use spacers between the "hot" components BTW.
      I have some PVC couplings that allow about 1" between AVR/Cable box & will need a set cable box to DVD. I do plan on getting new DVD too. Maybe PS3...
      I could also spread components out along base....

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      EDIT: I was originally only going 6 supports between A & B - but thinking of the weight of the TV (likely 75 # max - and only if I go plasma - probably gonna be only around 50# lcd) I knew I would need more.
      The stability of the TV tier is really my biggest concern. And alot of that is just making sure I'm accurate with supports. Thanks for the confirmation of 8 supports & casters (even though casters are adding to the $$$)


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        And since I've gotta keep ahead on post count... is the terrible updated rendition showing what "lines" are PVC...

        It's supposed to be a crappy weather day Tuesday (my day off)
        So, I'll get upstairs on Sketchup then & do a proper rendition....

        8 Supports between A & B are of course parallel & perp on a horizontal plane.
        4 Between B & C - back supports are gonna be about 30" spread while front will be more centered on the shelf & more or less hugging center XLS (10" spread)

        I figure this will take care of TV on stand weight being centered on the C shelf....


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          Instead of PVC, why not threaded rod, gas pipe or slotted aluminum? Any would be much sturdier. Granted, slotted aluminum is not cheap.

          Here's an image of a gas pipe one I made:

          Here's a threaded rod one:

          And here's a side view of my slotted aluminum one:

          I know you like PVC, but I wouldn't trust the attachment options to that much weight and possible lateral torque.


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            Brad - nice stuff. I started to go threaded rod - but, keeping the $$ down.
            Just gonna have to be precise on cuts & even weight/pressure when piecing together. Once everything in place, I really don't see lateral torque being an issue. It really should take a major "crash" to take things down. I've already got some smaller scale projects - even using longer supports - that follow the same idea. And it takes a good amount of force to stress them. Of course, these others aren't "housing" the $$ this EC will be:scratchchin:

            Proper weight dispersement is key...
            And, once all together, if/when I ever need to "roll out" to get behind, the TV will definitely come off the shelf. I'll have help getting it all together & putting in place...

            Dang guys - stop trying to scare me!:nervous: You're all supposed to say "great idea - there will be no problems...";);)
            Seriously, thanks for all the input - and I've mulled over all the if's/and's/but's...only time will tell!!!


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              SKETCHUP Rendering....

              Is not done...
              Why the heck am I having such a hard time w/ this????
              I have revised my cut-list. Making overall a little smaller.
              Eqpt & Speaker "shelf" gonna only be 80" instead of 90"
              Allows me reduce # of supports & casters. Plus, afraid 90" woulda blocked entryway just a little too much for comfort....
              I've got all my hardware + PVC "supports" cut, primed & ready to install.
              I have tested the caps as seats & a OK:thumbsup: Tolerances very close when I cut them:yes:
              So, just need the plywood....
              Told Pete not that big a rush since I have no new TV yet...will give him 2 week notice before I buy & that should give me time to construct before bringing set home...
              Looking more & more like late July (B'day) - that's cool, just in time for football!


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                BradJudy, beautiful setup!!

                Rumonkey2, while i think the PVC will be strong enough for vertical weight, i'd be weary with the potential shaking of the unit (someone leaning on it, bumping it etc..). Is it possible to put a cross brace in? Disregard if this makes no sense :)


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                  I just built this today...not as pretty as Brad's but I needed to get something to hold all my 2ch stuff in the livingroom as I could not use my Sure amp for fear of someone trampling it during wii play.
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                  Regular guy.
                  Tubey or not tubey, that is the question :smoke1:


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                    Originally posted by billnchristy
                    I just built this today...not as pretty as Brad's but I needed to get something to hold all my 2ch stuff in the livingroom as I could not use my Sure amp for fear of someone trampling it during wii play.
                    OK, I gotta ask - Is that column some kind of "Maplewood" audio treatment??? :scratchchin: :D


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                      I am with you on this. The issue with PVC being able to support downward weight; it's the lateral movement that would frighten me with expensive equipment sitting on it. I'd also tend to look at the joints being the most vulnerable if lateral shift begins.

                      On another note, those pictures you posted look great! Do you have any more pics / close-ups / info in the slotted aluminum?


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                        OK, I gotta ask - Is that column some kind of "Maplewood" audio treatment???
                        The column is my speaker stand when I decide to pull the Jordans out. I bought them out of a van, the box said Cheap Bastard-1. Look em up. :thumbsup:
                        Regular guy.
                        Tubey or not tubey, that is the question :smoke1:


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                          Hey guys - lateral movement - thanks for scaring me more!:fryingpan::nervous:;);)

                          Revised cutsheet:

                          Yeah, there's gonna be cross bracing. Between A-1 & A-2 will be easy to make it "look nice". Trying to figure out cross bracing Between A-2 & B though is tricky.... Don't want to "close the back" to center X-LS...
                          That's another reason I've been trying to do a rendering in SketchUp...
                          And yup, I have considered grabbing a Classic X-CS just to solve that issue + I could "lower" TV tier....:scratchchin:
                          So, anybody gotta MNS Snowman X- CS they wanna get rid of???:fryingpan::stirthepot:

                          I think I will put a feeler over on classifieds....

                          More thoughts/ideas would be appreciated!:yes:


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                            Originally posted by Ray3
                            On another note, those pictures you posted look great! Do you have any more pics / close-ups / info in the slotted aluminum?
                            I have a few detail pictures below. It's largely a Salamander Designs Synergy Triple 30 knock-off, but with a wider center section to accommodate larger center speakers. The center speaker shelf is on drawer sliders so the center channel can come out a bit.

                            The aluminum is from 80/20, but you can also get the same stuff from T-slots.

                            Bolts hold it together on the top and bottom, and there are threaded rod pieces that hold the upper aluminum piece to the lower one.

                            The shelf holders are replacement parts order from Salamander Designs.

                            It's on six caster wheels.

                            Unlike the Salamader, the lower two pieces are full-length fixed shelves.

                            Sometime I'll get around to making the bottom section into real media drawers.


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                              Brad - that looks like a great solution and extremely flexible for designing to specific needs. Nice job!