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Dual opposed with MJ18s

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  • Dual opposed with MJ18s

    Hi guys,

    I currently have 4 Mach 5 MJ18s running in an IB with an EP2500 for power. We're doing a bit of a remodel and will be moving the living space downstairs. That's great as it will give us more room but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do an IB. My option for doing an IB would be under the stairs ( not sure it's enough room) or with the backspace in the garage. That would be OK but it would put it rather close to the neighbors house and I'm not sure that would fly. It's currently in the attic, however, the garage has a seperate attic space than the main part of the house. Think 70s split level.

    I've been looking at other options and a way to utilize what I already have. Would a dual opposed give me anthing close to what I get from the IB? It's used for both music and movies, 50 / 50. If not dual opposed, what should I consider?