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Ipod car stereo help.

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  • Ipod car stereo help.

    I've always swapped out my car stereo's for something better as far back as I can remember . I didn't do it in this car and I was at my wits end using the radio frequency adapter .So I got an Alpine CDA 117 .
    For some reason it refuses to recognize my 6 month old 120g Ipod classic . It has no problem with my iphone or my wife's ipod mini .
    I did not do the install , it was a Best Buy install.
    Any thoughts ?

    Also shouldn't I be seeing my shows/set lists when I'm playing it off of my iphone ? I'm pretty sure I should be .

    Right now it seems to be in some sort of shuffle mode and it's just randomly going through my iphone songs .

    HELP !

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    A quick look at the 117 manual indicates that there is a two cable connection for the iPod (the iPod cable + a USB cable to the Alpine).

    Just thinking out loud:
    1) Have you been through the Alpine manual?

    2) Have you gone back to Best Buy to see if they can help/explain/troubleshoot the problem?

    As far as the shuffle mode is concerned, you should be able to control that from the iPod/iPhone. Again, the manual is your friend. Likely a simple control/button to push.

    Playlists are something you set up in iTunes and/or the iPod/iTunes. DO you see the playlists there? If you don't, you won't see them on the Alpine. If you DO see the playlists on iTunes/the iPod/iPhone and they aren't showing up on the Alpine, it's a another question for Best Buy.


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      Sorry I didn't get back sooner.

      I figured out the set list thingy. I just have no patience to actually figure it out and I thought it would recognize it and show up as soon as I plugged in . It didn't .

      Also miracles do happen. For whatever reason after numerous attempts of plugging my ipod in Friday and yesterday . This morning when I went out I crossed my fingers , plugged in and it WORKED and has worked since ... all my set lists show up etc....

      So I will continue to explore the buttons and hope things stay status quo .


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        I'm looking for help again.
        Out of nowhere the ipod stopped working when hooked directly to the Alpine CDA117.

        It worked this morning when I pulled out of the driveway and drove to my shop . I did not unplug it when I arrived, it stayed in the car hooked up as it does often.
        When I got back in the car about 2 hours later it was not working . It recognizes the ipod , shows the song , playlist etc but no volume and it's not "playing" so it's sort of on "pause", but not showing that it really is "paused"

        Apple looked at it , thought there might be some dust on the contacts , cleaned it , tried it in the store and it worked fine both with earbuds and through speakers.
        It works in my wife's car via the same hookup.
        My wife's ipod works in my car hooked up just as mine would be .
        The guy at Best Buy who hooked it up , hooked his up and his worked fine.
        Firmware is up to date .

        I literally did nothing to it once I arrived and my shop and then got back in the car 2 hours later.

        Help me !

        I have a 3 hour ride up to the Berkshires on Saturday and will go bonkers without my music .