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  • Furniture Kits?

    Does anyone know if they still make furniture "kits" for high school woodshop? I know of a number of places that sell "plans", and I know about the Kit Guy.

    In highschool wood shop -- this was back in 1960 -- the shop teacher had catalogs of woodworking "kits". All the parts were there. All we had to do was fit them together and do the finishing. Some kids could afford really nice expensive kits. I never could. I did save up my money and buy a coffee table kit, put it together, sand it smooth as a baby's bottom, put some oil on it and gave it to my aunt and uncle... and they kept it in their tv room until they day they died, nearly 40 years.

    I don't want to do "plans" and have to go buy lumber and cut everything out following patterns. I'd like to find some place that still sells those woodshop "kits". That way I won't have to buy a lot of tools again.


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    You might find something here: