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THT sub and a MFW-15 Amp?

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  • THT sub and a MFW-15 Amp?

    I have a friend who says he might be able to fix my old (and broken) MFW-15 amp and he wants to use it for a THT sub. Does anyone know if you can buy the control section of the amp from av123 and has anyone done this yet?
    Originally posted by dvenardos, it mad me laugh and now it's my sig.
    Originally posted by dvenardos
    Your right, the TCA sub is crap, it couldn't possibly compete with an MFW-15 or a name brand 12" sub, and Jack and Ray are just schilling for their boss. We should know better than to listen to what those bozos have to say.

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    Doubtful that you could buy the control...they aren't big on selling things like that lately.

    The amp would have to be modified as it is designed for the MFW15 box, I believe.
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