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  • Learn to solder?

    Anyone got any recomendations? I haven't done heavy soldering in many years, and I'd like to be able to do my own stuff like the xovers when it's time. Is there a pretty simple kit or something I can start with?

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    This thread pops up over and over, run a search here and av123. I'm in the midst of soldering some xovers right now.

    I bought a Weller soldering iron on eBay, and watched a few 'how to solder' vids on youtube. I think the Skiing Ninja has one such vid on his site. Then got a few scrap circuit boards and practiced removing, then re-adding various bits to the boards.

    It's pretty simple once you do 3 or 4 practice solders.
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    • #3 The basics of making electrical solder connections - covered in this video are safety, tools you'll need and techniques.


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        And just remember that etcarroll lives in Hell, so what works for him may not work for you.

        Be sure to get a soldering iron that will get hot enough. While the caps and resistors don't need a lot of heat energy (watts), wires and inductors do.