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Possible application (or two) for a Gizmo

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  • m-fine
    I would think one gizmo for sitting room plus another for the dining room, so 3 total. Gizmo will work fine as long as it has enough power for their volume needs. Speaker sensitivity, cable loss if the runs are long and their tastes are factors to consider.

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  • gonk
    started a topic Possible application (or two) for a Gizmo

    Possible application (or two) for a Gizmo

    I'm helping a couple of friends shop for some new audio gear. They bought a house recently and it has some existing wiring and speakers that we are going to get up and running.

    The first possible Gizmo application is pretty straightforward. There is an office upstairs with some in-ceiling speakers wired back to a set of binding posts in a wall jack under the desk. The most likely solution here is to use the PC as a source component, but we need an amp to drive the speakers. The Gizmo seems like a good candidate, possibly even a no-brainer.

    That brings me to the second possible Gizmo application. The living room is wired for 5.1, and we are going to put a 7.1 receiver in there. The living room also has three pairs of binding posts inside the equipment cabinet that run out to speakers in other rooms: one pair on the patio, one pair in the dining room ceiling, and one pair in the sitting room ceiling. The receiver will have second zone capability and will be able to drive at least one pair of these speakers with the back surround amps, but I am a little leery of putting two pairs of speakers on a receiver's amp (mostly because I hate to dump 4ohm loads on receivers) and I sure can't put all three pairs on the receiver. I'm thinking of putting the patio speakers on the receiver and using the zone two pre-amp output to feed a stereo amp to handle the two front rooms' in-ceiling speakers. That stereo amp could be a Gizmo, or we could look around for a more robust amp (possibly something used) to handle it.

    I'm leaning toward having them get one Gizmo for the office and using it to test out some options for the downstairs system. If it worked out, they could get a second Gizmo. Before I told them that, though, I wanted to see if anybody around here had any thoughts.