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ACI closes up, Mike Dzurko retires, another fine speaker company gone.

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  • ACI closes up, Mike Dzurko retires, another fine speaker company gone.

    Mike Dzurko founder/engineer for ACI announced last week he is retiring after over 30 years and they are closing their doors.

    ACI made some truly classic products over the years, I think Craig is familiar with their subs.

    I feel fortunate to have found out about their stuff over the last 4 years and am proud owner of some Sapphire XLs, which are the best mini-monitors I have owned.

    Unfortunately, Mike has already sold out all of his remaining no great going out of business sales. It is tough for everyone right now, particularly in the audio business. The good news is Mike was planning to cut back anyway and spend more time with family and as a teacher.

    If any of your know Mike or have owned (or hoped to own) his stuff you might say hi over at ACIs OC forum spot.

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    This is sad. Mike is one of the good guys.

    Purchasing one of his products was one of my best audio buys I've made.

    Hopefully someone buys the company and continues the ACI line, or renames it.

    Anyone? Hugh? :poke: ;)


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      I have great respect for Mike based on his posting style over at AVS, and on the fine, and quite beautiful, products he made. A class act, IMHO. He will be missed.


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        Wow.... some sad news indeed. Mike's stuff was always a treat to listen to. I had the distinct pleasure to enjoy some of the Saphire XL's (that's the bookshelf that was about the size of the ONIX Ref 1 with the extra "bump out" in the back right?) at one of the Chicago gtg's several years ago. They were simply stunning. I especially enjoyed how Mike voiced them up top. They were some of the smooooothest monitors I had ever heard with the amount of detail they afforded the listener.
        John W.


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          ACI's closing shop is a mixed blessing. Mike gets to enjoy more time pursuing other important activities in his life. The audio industry though loses a fine system provider. I hope there is someone who purchase the remaining ACI assets and can carry on the ACI tradition and standards.

          This reminds me that I need to finish wiring my system, which includes the very fine ACI Maestro. My system was temporarily decommissioned while the room was repainted and an audio rack added.

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