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Rhythmik Amp issue - help

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  • Rhythmik Amp issue - help

    I just moved recently and hooked my Rhythmik audio amp and two gr subs up and seem to be running into an issue. The amp powers on but I seem to be getting a noise to the subs – sounds like continous S.O.S.
    If I play with the power switch on the amp a little the sound will go away but come back once I start playing music.

    Anything I can do to troubleshoot this on my end to determine root cause?

    I have an email in with Brian already but just thought I would post here as well as Audio Circle.

    It is not a hum sound -

    The odd thing is it was Ok the other day. I even took the BFD out of the picture.

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    I assume it is the 375 watt plate amp on the sub?

    Since Brian designed it, best to leave it in his hands. I know if there is a problem with the amp he will send you a new one to swap it out. I have spoken to him directly and have swapped emails. He will take care of you.:thumbsup: