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WTF - LCD TV's Switching to Optical Audio Output ONLY?

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  • WTF - LCD TV's Switching to Optical Audio Output ONLY?


    I picked up a 32" Panasonic Viera TC-L32C12 LCD for my father-in-law today and when I went to hook it up I discovered it only had a single digital optical audio output. After looking on the sides and reading the manual, I blurted out WTF. In vetting various LCD TV's it didn't dawn on me to check to see if there was different options. The last time I researched for a LCD was three years ago and they all had RCA outputs. Even in my recent research, most TV specifications stated audio output without mentioning whether it was digitial or optical. However, there was an occasional mention of an optical output along with iPod hook-up. This should have been a red flag but it wasn't.

    Since purchasing a new receiver is out of the question, I will be carting this unit back and purchasing a Samsung LN32B460 or LN32B540, because I had the salesperson verified this feature and they have both analog RCA and digital optical. :crying: No good deed goes unpunished. :angel:

    When did this start happening????

    Man, I have to leave my 2-Ch cave more often to see what the heck is happening in the real world...