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Is there anybody remotely close to zip code...

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  • Is there anybody remotely close to zip code...

    67879? which to be exact is a small town in western kansas on the colorado border? I live on a farm outside of Tribune.

    I wanted to do some room treatments and didnt know if anybody sometime this fall/winter would happen to drive close by or maybe I might be able to go to your place and listen and see what you have done for room treatments.

    I have a pair of x-tatiks and 3 x-cs speakers that are for center and surround duty so far. I would like to get an x-voce this winter sometime and go from there. I use a Marantz 5003 receiver with an adcom amp used for the 2 xtatiks on main.

    Otherwise I guess I will ask stupid questions on here and I know you guys always come through with great answers. Not sure when I will start this project but I have been reading Jethro's thread with interest and following his progress.

    My room is approx 16 feet wide, 32 feet long, and a ceiling of approx 7 ft. The walls are 3 concrete and one sidewall of 2x4 with wood paneling, and carpeted floor. Finances are not unlimited lol, so the best bang for the buck is greatly appreciated. I'll see if I can find a pic to post to get started.

    As you can see, the room is pretty plain so far. The metal chairs are gone as this was when I first had the carpet laid and didnt have anything to sit on yet. You may notice that my center speaker is offset at the ceiling. I have a heat duct that runs right exactly where I needed to center the projector screen. I have it toed in some. Also, the rear surrounds, which you cant see in the pics, are in the back of the room, 32 ft away from the screen mounted up at the ceiling height facing to the projector. Do I need to move this closer to the listening area?

    Any help you guys can give or whatever will be greatly appreciated.:goodvibes:


    Ps I am not using the maggies, they are in storage, so they are out of the room currently.

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    Well, I spent the evening tonight moving my x-tatiks and subs around. Ended up swapping places, ie subs on the inside of the speakers and out of the corners. I was kind of unhappy with my bass response overall with them in the corners, but growing up all I had ever been taught and heard of was to put speakers in the corner for better bass. It seemed boomy and only a few notes were nice and clear.

    Now, the bass has tightened up considerably to me. Played a blu-ray disc of Jazz Legends, and wow, I was impressed a lot. I played with the crossover frequency and ended up crossing it over at 60, which is as low as the Marantz will go. Also I was able to turn the gain down on the subs a bit.

    With just these little changes, seemed like a huge listening difference. Now it seems like I have some midbass, not just the very low stuff and only a few notes of it. Guess I didnt know speakers would react in a room like that.

    In the next few weeks I guess I will try and build some diy bass traps and wall panels. Will have to do some research but if you guys have any suggestions I would love to hear some.


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      There is a thread in the DIY section on building traps.


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        Originally posted by dvenardos
        There is a thread in the DIY section on building traps.
        Been checkin that thread out and another one similar to it too. Thanks.