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x-ls encore elite upgrade with no-rez

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  • x-ls encore elite upgrade with no-rez

    I'm pretty green at this DIYing stuff so I thought I'd post a link to my upgrade. It might be of help to other newbies. This upgrade was not terribly challenging on the soldering front. There is a link to some simple instructional videos on soldering in the thread: Link to my thread at the ninja's
    I did the no rez first so I got the opportunity to hear what it does. IMO a worthy upgrade. Burn in is not complete but I'm already very happy with the results of the crossover upgrade. Everything about the speaker is better. I'm not much of a reviewer but tako is, so here's a link to his upgrade review

    I was listening to Melody Gardot yesterday and was so taken with it I had to go and get my wife so she could listen as well. After listening, without any prompting, she commented on how much better the speakers sounded:thumbsup:. That is pretty well my benchmark. The wife is not terribly susceptible to the placebo effect where audio gear is concerned...