i have acquired a Marantz SR 8100 dc reciever
and the sound from this unit is just great.
currently powering a pair of Def Tech 450 studio monitors
and the sound these things are putting out is impressive noticed the difference right away
volume is at-52db at -40db it is too loud sounds good but loud.
the marantz seems to bring out the mid to lower frequencies so i tried the speakers on my Carvers, M*n*t*r 2250 and parasound amps via my Pioneer 9300thx AV reciever as well as my SP3 amp but i honestly think the Marantz hook up sounds better.
is there something in the makeup of older amps or older Marantz units that is not in the newer amplifiers i mean these speakers have not sounded this good before.
saving the 850 hook up for the weekend should be fun.
Any thoughts??