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Elemental Designs eD to offer Veneered Subs

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  • Elemental Designs eD to offer Veneered Subs

    This will shake up the market a bit. I wonder how the prices will come in.

    Real wood veneer too...all made in America...Iowa to be exact.

    Full size photo...

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    As long as they don't shoot too high with their prices. I bet their CADCAM is running 24/7.

    Would be nice to ease into DIY speaker building by outsourcing the cabinets.

    GR has a lot of nice stuff. I need some on wall surrounds...hmmm


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      They have been doing custom work for quite some time, they just don't advertise it.
      They did the enclosures for my av-1rs and the OB sub that I am working on.
      Originally posted by SlushPuppy
      It looks like they're building more than that. I was on the GR Research circle today at AudioCircle and saw this post on a thread called "GR Builders Contact Info":

      Elemental Designs - Flat Packs, built enclosures - Raw, Matte finish, and we can price out veneer as well. Build material will be EFS, though if you'd like us to quote something different like Baltic Birch just let me know.

      Brett Bell - [email protected]

      Pretty cool. It appears they'll build an enclosure for just about any DIY kit as long as you can provide them the plans.