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Audio Angel integrated tube amp

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  • Audio Angel integrated tube amp

    What do you guys know about these integrated amps on ebay? I had thought about maybe getting one and also a pair of waf's for my home office. Here is a link...

    Also, what makes the tubes appear to have a blue aura to them? Anyway, you guyses thoughts are much appreciated on a inexpensive integrated like this, either good or bad.

    Voltage: 110V - 240V AVAILABLE
    Weight: 10 kg
    Dimensions: Length 260mm x Height 140mm x Depth 210mm
    Output Power: 15 watts x 2 in Class A Push and Pull circuit design
    Frequency Response: 10Hz-70KHz +/-3 dB
    Output Tube : 6AQ5 / 6P1 x 4
    Input/Driver Tube: 6N3 x 2
    Signal/Noise Ration: 90dB
    Distortion: Less than 1% at full power
    Ohms: 4 ohms and 8 ohms
    Input Jack: 2 groups
    Input Consumption: < 80w
    Colour: Black Body With Silver Handle & Black Power Supply
    Packing Include:
    All the Tubes / Valve
    Standard 1.5m "5 ft" Power Cord

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    No one has replied, so I'll chime in with slightly related info. Music Angel is similar IMO to several other Chinese brands. There might even just be a few that OEM stuff for others to sell.....

    This amp looks kind of like the Baby amp that was a somewhat hit here in the US, and was cloned/copied by several Chinese makers (or again, by one and maybe OEM'd).

    I have owned a couple Chinese amps (headphone amps from Jasmine and Bada), and I know someone who had an integrated from AudioRomy.

    My impression was a good deal for the money, but 1) parts quality not always the best, and 2) tube upgrades always beneficial, almost needed.

    Still, for the price of admission plus some not-too-expensive tubes, it could make a nice front end to a pair of WAF-1's indeed.

    My 2 cents; again, no DIRECT experience to this brand or model, though.
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      Oooo....looks cool. Hopefully someone can chime in with some info.
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        no experience with the amp/seller/brand and I'm not really familiar with the tubes used so not going to be much help for the amp. It does look nice though! :thumbsup:

        The blue glow is just from a blue LED under the tube that shines up. Here's a couple pics of amps I've built with 'blue' tubes

        on a side note, I picked up one of these little guys a month or so ago and am very impressed.
        The stock tubes aren't great, but a couple nice pairs of matched NOS tubes and it really opens up. I'm currently running a pair of grey glass RCA 6v6GT and Tung-sol 6au6, but I'm trying several different combinations at the moment. I still haven't found a nice pair of Mullard 6au6 for a reasonable price... But anyway, highly recommended. for the price you can't go wrong, I sold a gizmo for this little guy. :D


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          what speakers are you driving with that little beauty?


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            Tekton design 4.1

            I really like them. being single driver they do have some limitations, but as long as you don't crank them (mine are on my desk right in front of me so not an issue) they sound fantastic