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That tripath sound

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  • That tripath sound

    Just got back the Virtue One that I had out on loan (which I am planning on using with my in route WAF-1s) and made the mistake of hooking it up to my Ref 100 as the center channel amp. The One really smooths out the Ref 100 and puts that magical tripath sound into the vocals. I am watching the remade Battlestar Galactica and Edward James Olmos voice sounds just amazing. Now how am I going to take it out of my system? :fryingpan:

    Going to have to get my rear in gear on the multi-channel tripath amp that I want to build. Why do I get so many projects going at the same time? :crazy:

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    What kind of power source are you using?
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      Right now just using the 30v/90w for both my One and Two.
      I have two of these laying around just waiting for me to build the enclosure and wire them up. Picked them up for peanuts thanks to a tip by dweekie.

      Originally posted by Cujobob
      What kind of power source are you using?