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Headphones: Questions about Grado, Sennheiser...

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  • Headphones: Questions about Grado, Sennheiser...

    Hello! So now that I've been immersed in a few months of great audio from speakers, it makes me cringe whenever I have to use my headphones now (Sennheiser HD202). I used to think it was great, now it's just totally hollow and thin.

    I haven't really set a budget, but I'm thinking around $100? I've been looking at the Grado SR60i or the SR80i, or the Sennheiser HD280s. From my research, the Sennheiser is a completely different sound than the Grados, but I had a chance to try them out in the House of Music in Vienna, and was pleased with them. However, the Grados are pretty much revered in audioland. Have any of you guys compared the two Grados? Are the 80s a big step up from the 60s?

    I would want this for 90% classical music. For reference, I have been listening to music on my Rocket Signatures (850/450/200), ELT525Ms, and Infinity Beta 20s. I really like the sound of the Rockets and the ELT525s for classical music, while the Betas are great for rock.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Haven't tried the Grados but I own the HD280 Pros. For the money, I think they are pretty good. Bass is adequate but they become uncomfortable with extended use.

    On the otherhand, for my office I recently purchased a pair of Denon AHD1001Ks and I love them. They get very good reviews and are better than the 280s in the highs, mids, and lows. Plus they are super comfortable. I look forward to putting them on everyday. MSRP is 149 but they can be had for < 100 if you shop around. I got them at for around 90 shipped.


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      Grado's: Yes, I would opt for the 80s over the 60s. It is worth the extra $20-$30. Even more, if you can go up to the SR125s. I think the 125s are the best value/performance in the Grado line.

      Sennheiser: I don't like their offerings at $100 versus Grado. However, once you get to $200 and above, I prefer the Senns.

      With a $100 budget, the latest ones getting the buzz are the Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (~$90 at amazon). I haven't heard these yet, but am serious considering them. They have gotten very good reviews.

      BL's Denon is also a solid recommendation.


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        Have you searched head-fi? They would already have the most comparative reviews of all the listed headphones. I have the Allessandro MS1, which is made by Grado ( I think I read that there is a new 'i' version as well like the other Grado line for $10 more. I like it more than the SR80 and SR60, but that is my own personal preference.


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          Heh, okay...shortly after I made this post, I bought a pair of refurb Sennheiser HD555s with factory warranty.... I got them from DAKmart for $72 shipped. The velour pads kinda won me over (the reviews did too, or course, but they looked SO comfortable). Sorry to have ignored what you guys said! I'll let you all know how the 555s are - if I'm unhappy with them, I'll go the other routes.

          I had a pair of Audio Technica once. It was the ATH-ANC7 noise canceling model that everyone was saying was the 505% off version of the **** Quiet Comfort 2s. They definitely were of very good build quality, and it sounded great (at least, back in those days). I gave them to my roommate, though, since the noise canceling hurt my ears after awhile.

          I did see the Denon and was considering those, but as said above, the HD555s just look like they want to wrap around your head and conform to it. The only thing I'm worried about is the impedance, since I won't be using this with an amp (yet), but I'll let you guys know.



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            Originally posted by Sparky14
            With a $100 budget, the latest ones getting the buzz are the Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (~$90 at amazon). I haven't heard these yet, but am serious considering them. They have gotten very good reviews.
            Ah just took at look at the ATH-AD700 and they share the same comfy looking earpads. Shucks. Kinda wished I waited now!


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              Okay. Just gave DAKmart a call, and they've cancelled the order. What fast response time! I'm going to give the AD700s a try =D

              Thanks Sparky!

              Update 11:35AM PST

              Gah I'm in a total dilemma now - while the vast majority of reviews all point to the AD700, now I'm worried about it fitting my head. I have a small-medium head. Hmmmmm

              Update 12:50pm

              Okay I ordered a set of AD700s. It turns out I have a "Large" head size, according to the hat charts, and should fine. Yay!