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Stopgap receiver or pre/pro?

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  • Stopgap receiver or pre/pro?

    I'm here looking for recommendations once again. When I finished my theater last year, I upgraded to HDTV and bought a Blu-Ray player (PS3). For a pre-pro, I pre-ordered the Emotiva UMC-1 since I qualified to get one for $350 as an original owner of an LMC-1 (seemed like a no-brainer at that price)

    I didn't mind waiting a bit for the UMC, but at this point I've been on the pre-order list for an av123-ish 17 months. I'm getting fed up with reading moview reviews talking about how wonderful the DTS-MA audio track is while I wonder what that sounds like.

    The UMC should be released soon, but then again they have been saying that since last fall and I'm fed up with the wiat. Since the PS3 will output the HD codecs as PCM over HDMI, all I need is something with an HDMI connection that accepts 7-channel PCM. I'd also prefer somethign with pre-outs so I can use my current amp. I've never had a room EQ system, so Audessy isn't a must for me, but I woulnd't mind playing with it (it's probably just pessimism, but I have a suspicion that the EQ on the Emotiva is going to stink).

    Any thoughts? I figure there should be something used or semi-obsolete on the market that I can pick up for pretty cheap and then resell once/if the UMC ever arrives.

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      Get an HK unit off of Ebay, I believe they'll do all you need...the 254 was going for around 200ish refurb direct from the factory.
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