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"Neil Young’s Pono: Waging Heavy Peace on Low-Rez Sound"

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  • "Neil Young’s Pono: Waging Heavy Peace on Low-Rez Sound"

    This looks good:
    Six months ago, we reported that Neil Young was going around talking about a crazy idea he had for a new music business model. He had some high-res, music-in-the-cloud idea that he thought would revolutionize the way people listen to music. Would it be the Segway of the music biz? Six months later, he’s back, promoting a new bio, Waging Heavy Peace, and hitting the airwaves with a prototype in hand.

    As we told you earlier, Young has long been a very strong voice in opposition to compressed digital audio formats. Shoot, the guy despised DVD and CD – can you imagine the rants he had over MP3? Waging Heavy Peace was named for his war on poor-quality music files — it was his response when asked if he was waging war against Apple. Before the death of Steve Jobs, Young had been in talks with Apple on a high-resolution digital music distribution model, but according to him, since Jobs’ passing, Apple hasn't been returning his calls. The book, according to Young, “will force iTunes to be better and to improve quality at a faster pace.”

    Coincidentally one of the best-sounding recordings I've heard came straight from the console during Neil live about 12 years ago.