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  • Still seeking preamp advice

    I have an SP-3 tube amp and I need a preamp to use my TT. I am looking at a couple of used preamps (Nakamichi CA-5 and a Parasound P/FET 900II).

    I have edited this to reflect a conversation that enlightened me regarding another piece of equipment I already own that could accomplish the same as a preamp. My vintage Marantz receiver - I can use the tape out to the SP-3 because the receiver already has a phono section.

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    What you need is a phono preamp to drive the SP3 integrated amp for your phono cartridge. The Marantz receiver probably has a phono stage and your hookup via the tape loop output is the correct way to interface the two units. Make sure the turntable ground wire (if your turntable has one) connects to the Marantz ground screw terminal for the phono stage.

    Other stand alone phono stages are available at all price points. Parasound use to make a PPH-100 phono preamp and now makes the Z-Phono.
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      Thanks for the input...

      My original intention was to find a phono preamp to use my TT with my tube amp, which lacked a phono section. Once the search began, I found a couple of reasonable used models and even started considering higher priced units. A conversation today with a dealer friend of mine resulted in the disovery that I could use my old receiver tape outs to the aux ins on the SP-3 to listen to records.

      I'll add at this point that I enjoy the ability to enhance the output on the Marantz by using the Bass, Treble and Midrange adjustments. The SP-3 does not have these, of course, and is also a consideration in the preamp search.

      That same conversation with my friend also involved discussion of higher end preamps that could be used with future system growth. A particular point of interest was a Quad 99 preamp and it's tilt function. Although the Quad is many times more expensive than the other used units, it is head & shoulders above them from a performance standpoint. It also has tone control adjustments.

      All that said to drive home the point that this is a never ending saga of search and discovery. Enjoyable as it may be, it is also rather tough on the wallet :).

      Now, I'm trying to decide if I need something like the Quad, even though I have a way to use the TT on the SP-3. He was smart as a fox to point out all of the features that didn't even know I needed...