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who makes a mini amp w/ remote

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  • who makes a mini amp w/ remote

    Does anyone make a small amp, 2-3 channel, like the Gizmo with IR (remote) volume control?

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    The a used Pop-Pulse T40i or T70i comes to mind...


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      Looks like Cambridge Audio has just come out with a small form factor 2.1 receiver


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        I've been looking for an option like this also.

        My criteria are:
        Sub out
        Built in crossover (variable would be nice)
        Small-ish form factor (more compact than standard AVR)

        This has been impossible to find so far.

        If I forgo the remote requirement, that leaves me with Gizmo (which I have), or the Virtue One amp modded to have a set crossover.


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          April Music Aura Note

          This may be out of the "affordable" criteria, but I was reminded of this CD/Amp:

          (it does have a remote)

          April Music Aura Note


          HT Gear (AVS Link)
          Rk: MA WR-37-32
          Pwr: 20A, Surge-X SEQ, M1500-UPS
          Proj: JVC RS20, 128" 2.4:1 CaradaBW, ISCOIIIL, CineSlide, RadianceXE
          Cbl: DirectTV C31/700 Genie receiver
          Rec: 5308CI + XPA-3
          BR: Oppo BDP-103
          Gm: 360 Pro
          LR/C: RS1KSig/RSC200Sig
          S/R: RSS300/RS250MkII
          Sub: SVS PB12-Ultra/2
          Off: HRT MS DAC, USP-1, UPA-2, ERC-1, Ultra10, WAF-1 Ninja+No-Rez
          Off2: Gizmo, WAF-1
          TCA: 3x Gizmo 1.0or,5x v1.0M; 5xWAF-1


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            There's also the Peachtree Decco, which is a nice integrated with a high quality DAC.

            At the lower end there are lots of small systems from Onkyo, Denon, NAD, Yamaha and others - that show up under the shelf system category on most retailer websites. I ended up getting a JVC EXD5 for my wife when I did a search for a small receiver with a remote and CD built in. We've been very happy with it, having gotten it on clearance for $199.

            If I were looking for myself, this NAD, would be something I'd be considering.

            Jim C