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  • The Perfect Processor

    I found myself browsing an old thread from 2000 at AVSForum called The Perfect Processor. I found the following two quotes interesting:
    An adjustable, 2nd order High Pass filter for the subwoofer, likely with increments from 15Hz up to 25Hz. I hear all our HT purists screaming now ;-). This wish list is set up for the majority of home theater installations. Very few subwoofers on the market can really reproduce significant output at or below 20Hz, and nearly EVERY subwoofer will sonically benefit. Those few that would not benefit from a HP filter are custom designed and installed, and in the stratosphere of subwoofer performance.
    As a last thought on the subject, a really interesting idea would be to include a small mic which is pre-calibrated with the processor. From an on screen menu you could then make use of an internal function generator to test the general response of the room much like consumers can do now with a test disc and an SPL meter. This would eliminate the need to figure in the correction of the weighting curves on the SPL meter, and allow direct observation of what our EQ settings were actually doing to the response.
    We've come a long ways since then. By the way, both quotes were from Mark Seaton.