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Receiver Discussion: Panasonic SA-BX500

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  • Receiver Discussion: Panasonic SA-BX500


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    I recall reading several user's comments in the "official" thread for this receiver over at AVS stating that the SQ of the BX-500 is equal or better than that of the XR55/57.

    I believe there was also some dicussion regarding the bi-amp capabilities, and the bi-amp SQ of the BX500 also an improvement over the XR55/57 in bi-/tri-amp mode.

    Seems the biggest gripes with the early reviews were lack of features for the price, drab looks, and weak ouput (it only measure around 40W or so with 5 channels driven. However, many users are arguing that the bench measured output is nowhere near indicative of the actual ouput capability of this receiver...stating that it is capable of driving their speakers louder and with more dynamics than the reviewers measurements would've have suggested.

    Granted, these are user reports...but many of them are arguing not to get caught up in the reviewers' number...and give it an actual listen.


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      It sounds as good as the XR55. Buy from through and get $15 back. $285 shipped. Others have found it at Frys in the last week for $250. I bought two from because my XR55s didn't have HDMI...Another source measured it and didn't get the low output that someone reported. The thread at avs gives the info. At $500 it's over priced. At $250-$300 it's a great deal.


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        Originally posted by SteveSatch
        At $500 it's over priced. At $250-$300 it's a great deal.
        Agreed, I've had mine for a month and love it so far.