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Tekton Designs - Any Experiences?

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  • Tekton Designs - Any Experiences?

    Does anyone have any experiences with Tekton Audio? Heard of them? Any reviews? I'm looking particularly at the 3.1 and the 4.1 speakers. I need a pair of bookshelves (to be wall mounted) for a pretty big room (12x 20). While the sound doesn't need to be deafening levels (more like ambiance music), I don't want it to sound too thin, either, so I was thinking of something with a high efficiency (>90db), which led me to some Klispch speakers, which lead me to Tekton.

    I love my ELT525Ms, but sadly they're just too inefficient =(

    Anyways, Tekton seems to have some pretty good stuff, decently priced (I'd like to stay around the $200 price), and the warranty/return policy is standard.

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    Sad face. No one has heard of them? They seem to be well regarded...