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Onkyo 805 in Alabama

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  • Onkyo 805 in Alabama

    Anyone in Alabama been able to sucessfully update the DSP's in the 805?

    I want to update mine to avoid the DTS MSTR bomb, but my players will not cooperate. Anyone nearby done so sucessfully?



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    Originally posted by wje
    Have you tried a serial cable connected between your receiver and computer? That's how I updated the firmware on my 805 -- never any issues.
    No I have not. I tried to burn a disc and play it in both my dvd players over the optical cable. No dice, though I did manage to wipe all my settings. So I had to run the calibration again.

    Could you go into some detail about exactly how you did it and what you needed to do so?


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      After trying the optical outputs of two players I had lying around the house and failing with both, I ended up buying an old 20.00 CD player at Goodwill that worked fine. No idea why one player works and another doesn't.


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        Originally posted by wje
        There were a few threads over at the AVSForum that were very informative on how to update receiver. I bought a serial cable and basically ran through the firmware updates that I had downloaded. It's been several months since I did it, but once everything was connected, it was very simple to accomplish.

        Were you able to update your DSP's using the serial cable as well? I had heard that such a thing might be possible with the firmware updates, but I hadn't heard about the DSP's.