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Anyone have problems with OPPO BDP-83?

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  • Anyone have problems with OPPO BDP-83?

    Just received my new OPPO BDP-83 and I cannot get multichannel sound out of my onkyo 805. The oppo is connected via HDMI and set to bitstream.

    I would really love to hear SACD DSD direct on my 805, but all I get is stereo pcm. Likewise, even my blu-ray movies show stereo PCM on the receiver even though the player says 5.1 TrueHD.

    Anyone seen or head of a problem like this? Any suggestions?

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    Ok gents.... Here's the scoop.

    If you have the same problem I did, make sure the "HDMI Audio Out" setting in the receiver is turned to "Off". This is in the "HDMI Setup" menu under the hardware settings.

    DSD at last! :assshake: :cloud9:

    Now where are my LS9's? :poke: