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  • My Little iTunes Server

    [this thread is in response to a question in the MFW-15 thread]

    set time machine to Feb 2006:

    I decided I didn't like the sound of my iPod connected to my outlaw 990 via an analog cable from the headphone out to an RCA input on the 990. The iPod was also a clunky interface from the couch (i.e. not remote controlled)
    I had no need for a new av pre/pro having just put my "manhood" up as collateral for the av separates a year before. I looked around for ways to get a digital bitstream to the 990s DAC in the living room...

    I ended up deciding on building my own PC and making it darn quiet and putting it into the livingroom equipment stand. I got great advice from and I subscribed to maximum PC magazine (now conveniently archived in .pdf for free online) and taught myself how to build a PC from parts sourced online (love me some

    I built a AMD dual core based system that is whisper quiet and inaudible when any source is playing. About 6 months ago I got tired of hearing the hard drive seek noise, so I bought a NAS box and transferred the two 1TB HDD (raid 1 array) to another room. The PCs sound card coax output is fed to the 990 and the video goes to the Kuro. This way I can control the music with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard (logitech MX1000 and MX5000) or the apple remote app on my iPhone (if the display is off)

    hope this helps
    glad to answer any other questions

    Pioneer pro-151FD ; home made iTunes music server ; Infinity Beta / Interlude / Primus blend ; DIY quad 15 subs and 4 ep2500s for power ; PS3 ; Outlaw 990 and five M200s. LS9 in Piano Black Obsidian Stardust :rock:

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