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  • Adcom pre-amp

    I'm looking at a used pre-amp and have no experience with the Adcom products. Any thoughts or recommendations regarding the brand?

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    Fairly slid products from the few amps I have had. I recently put a 10 year old GFA-5300 amp back into a 2 channel casual system I have, and I am still pleased with how that amps sounds after all these years.


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      I had this one back in the day and thought it was pretty solid. I did however like the sound of an old NAD monitor 1000 better that I had also. I can't really remember why or how they sounded different, just that I liked the NAD better. I was running Paradigm 11semk3's at the time and had carver/nad/adcom amplification. I ended up keeping the NAD stuff and selling the rest save a lone carver amp.

      Regarding the brand... you can't really go wrong with adcom. It's solid stuff. The way I always looked at it back in the day was that Rotel and Adcom were on the same page price/quality wise. It was a toss up and still is IMO.
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        Cool. Thanks, man.