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  • Mp3 player suggestion

    Hey guys. I am looking to get my mom an mp3 player for mothers day and was looking for suggestions. She currently uses a personal cd player when she walks etc and would love something smaller and something that can carry more tunes.

    So here are my requirements

    1. Needs to be easy to use, fewer buttons the better probably.
    2. One that can view pictures would be nice, she would love to show off her new grandchild that is on its way.
    3. radio tuner is a plus
    4. Would like to keep price under 70 dollars.
    5. something not to plasticy and cheap feeling

    I plan on loading the music and pictures for her. Just need something easy to operate. Willing to buy online, ebay, or in store.


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    Creative Zen Mosaic - got my wife one last year. Don't bother with the included software though, just use Win Media Player to load it.

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