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Jolida 1301 any good?

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  • Jolida 1301 any good?

    There is a Jolida 1301 on A'gon. My friend is very interested so I emailed the seller for more info, age of unit and any warranty left.

    I know nothing about tube/hybrid integrated amp. What should I look for in an integrated hybrid amp? What's the bluebook value for the Jolida 1301?

    thanks for any advice/info.

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    Wow....I didn't even know they made a 1301. I've heard the 1501 and it's decent for the $$
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      I have had a 1301 for a few years now that I purchased used from Agon. It’s a nice little unit with a warm / full sound. I have had zero issues with it since I’ve had it. Keep in mind that it’s a relatively low powered unit and depending on the application might not be up to the job.

      I currently have mine powering a set of XLS’s with the low end coming from a set of PBS’s. (for those who aren’t familiar with all of the older AV123 products, the PBS where speaker stands with powered 8” subs originally sold as part of the ELT line) My 1301 is located in a 10x15 office space and will play more then loud enough for my taste, but it will start to clip if its pushed much past halfway.


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        I don't know what bookshelf speakers my friend has. It's for his bedroom 2ch use and I don't think he push it hard.


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          Jolida stuff in general is good stuff. I doubt I'd ever purchase any for myself, but that's just me and nothing to do with the quality of the gear.