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Denon mini system for the bedroom

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  • Denon mini system for the bedroom

    I've been needing an audio setup for the bedroom. Something basic, mp3 cd player and usb flash drive support type thing. I picked up an insignia one (really low end, but would work) and found a bunch of issues. The usb wouldn't play anything from it and its a video player too so can't use it for mp3 cd's because navigating doesn't work.

    So I saw that nad had one, teac, onkyo, and denon. It seems they are all the same except the teac and onkyo had no usb support (onkyo does outside the us). So it was buying the nad with a name premium and buying speakers separate or th the denon.

    I went with the denon, since the cost is basically the same and I'm getting some low end speakers with it for free. I'll let everyone know what I think of it compared to the gizmo/av123 elt525's i have in a couple weeks. But now I can finally get to sleep listening to music like I once did.

    URL=""]Denon D-M37S[/URL]

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    Fixed the link. You needed an opening bracket ([) before the first "url," and the quotation marks needed to be removed.

    Denon D-M37S


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      Interested in hearing your comparo. At that price point, how about holding out for a gizmo/WAF-1 and an ipod system? Add one of the 8" subs and you'd have a killer 2.1 bedroom system.


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        I dont really want a sub since i share a wall at the house I have. I mainly want it because the usb flash drive playback support is all. My ipod I got lasted like 6 months before the hard drive died, so I dont want to be tied to something expensive like that and I wanted a cd player with mp3 support, so it does both.

        I may change out the speakers later though. The gizmo though wouldnt have had a remote so yeah.


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          Got the system in and for being about half the size of a normal surround receiver, the thing is heavy. Its heavier than most, close to my onkyo 606 in weight nearly. The speakers seem really well built and once they are broken in and i have more time listening I will give an honest review.