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  • yulong ampone

    Has anyone here auditioned a Yulong Ampone? I'm guessing this amp is similar to the SI T-amp in that the distortion goes through the roof beyond ¾ volume. Then again 30w into 8ohms is more than enough for me.

    THD:0.02% (30W 8Ω 20Hz - 20KHz)
    R.M.S:40W +40 W (8Ω)

    $175 shipped

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    looks like an interesting little amp.


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      Where did you get $175 shipped???


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        This is probably more similar to a Gainclone than a T-Amp (at least the lower powered T-Amps).

        With that power, I'd worry less about distortion unless you're driving it too hard. Most Gainclones that I've heard sound surprisingly clean within their limits.

        I'm also curious as to where it's $175 shipped. Pacific Valve has it on "sale" for $221, I assume plus shipping.
        What if the Hokey-Pokey really IS what it's all about?!

        Kinky Tom!


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          I just took a look and I too found it for $221. I don't think it would sound good with Ref 1's. They didn't sound too great with the gainclone I tried.


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            $179 from Shanghai - depending on how risk tolerant you are. There was another that had an "Update" version for around $150 from Hong Kong.

            Jim C


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              Originally posted by rumonkey2
              Where did you get $175 shipped???

              $129 + $45 shipping.

              It may be worth the extra cash to order through Pacific Valve.


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                Well I placed an order through audiophilechina. If it ever shows up I'll post my impressions. My Swan D2.1SEs sound darn good through a little Sonic Impact T-amp with about 8 watts of clean power. I'm hoping the yulong will bring a little more headroom to the mids.

                I'm still looking forward to the Gizmo 1.1. My squeezebox classic puts out 6Vpp so would likely cause problems with a 1.0MOD gizmo.


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                  Well it arrived today and is up and running. So far I'm very happy with the sound. With more than twice the power, its hard to compare with the little t-amp.

                  One issue, the power switch is in the back and will be a pain to get to where I want to put the amp. Anyone know if leaving this amp on all the time would cause any issues?