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    I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of my TT - a used JA Michell Gyro SE( it’s supposed to get here on 3/17), cleaning old vinyl for some listening sessions, etc. I'm fairly constrained as to where I can place the TT and I'm thinking about a home made isolation platform, nothing fancy, I'm not interested in building a sand box or inner tube box

    I have two possibilities in mind:
    1. Two 1/2 thick sheets of plexi, with isonodes or vibrapods under the bottom sheet, and perhaps between the top and bottom as well.
    2. Walnut Butcher Block 1 1/2 thick under TT with Isonodes or vibrapods under the Butcher Block
    The Butcher block is cheaper <75 shipped. Acrylic probably looks cooler with the Gyro and would not be that much more expensive about 125 shipped.
    The acrylic has one other option I could burr out some depressions in lower base and upper base to put ginko type balls in and get a home made Ginko type isolation set up ( that is if the simpler isonode/vibrapod setup doesn’t work.)

    The question is which would be better Simple option 1 plexi or option 2 walnut? -

    Any opinions / suggestions are welcome
    Thanks Paul

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    The Gyro SE has a suspension so you may not need much in the way of extra isolation.

    I have an original Oracle Delphi MKI suspended table with some of the newer MKV suspension parts installed. No acoustic feedback from the table in my room sitting on a rack between the speakers even at high playback levels.

    You might give it a try without out any extra isolation to start.
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      Thanks Hal,
      I knew it had suspension and levelers for the feet, and its on a 300 lb walnut console I hope I don't need any more isolation :) but the TT its replacing - an old Empire 598 was not a suspended TT and footfalls even on the 300 lb console were an issue, generally only when kids were running around. I guess I'm just looking ahead in case I do have an issue


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        I hope this is not a thread jack, but your question reminded me of one I have wondered about for years. I had a friend who suspended a platform from the ceiling with fishing line and placed a turn table on that. Does that actually work?
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          I would try the Vibrapods instead of the Isonodes. The Isonodes that I have stick to both surfaces and smash flat under heavy loads.

          If you match the weight of the setup + platform to the Vibrapod's #, it should be better vs time.

          IIRC, the higher the mass of the platform on the Vibrapods, the lower the system resonance frequency and more damping. So for foot fall low frequency noise the high mass cutting board would be the better way to go.

          Some Maples are higher density than Walnut so might be an even better choice for a cutting board.

          Just some thoughts.
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            I've read that wall mounting can work well.


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              I've heard maple is good, and I know some sources (mapleshade, timbernation,etc) I think the TT footprint is roughly 16 x 20, the source I found for inexpensive cutting block max size for 1 1/2 inch maple is 16 x 24, the walnut offers 18 x 24 for $57.http://www.butcherblockspecialties.c...ick-p-749.html

              My console is also walnut. I have two walnut slabs ( 24 x 30 x 3)left over from building the console, but am going to use them as speaker pliniths.

              At 57 if it doesn't work out as a TT platform I can always use it as a cutting board :)

              Originally posted by corndog71
              I've read that wall mounting can work well.
              Me too but not a viable option for me


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                I think for the Gyrodecs, its recommended to using something of a light weight shelf.

                Putting it on something heavy like wood or maple apparently deadends the sound...

                I don't know the viability of that statement.

                Let me know how tuning the adjustment goes...

                I am having a hard time getting it right.