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  • Master Set Speaker Placement

    I will admit I am late to the game on this DIY item. I have experimented with placement in absence of this method and have ended up with different distances for each speaker. I have very unique listening rooms, which netted different results.

    This information comes from the Audio Circle forum.

    Given that the cost factor is near zero (you need furniture sliders) for trying this out...just time and is reversible, you should definitely try it..... Unfortunately there are some listening areas which are far from optimum and the poor old speakers are blamed for poor sound.

    “In traditional setups of placing each speaker out from the rear wall the same distance, you have a disparity in the sound pressure level of each speaker into the room unless each part of the room is EXACTLY symmetrically the same, which is not likely at all. Thus one speaker will be putting slightly more sound pressure into the room than the other speaker. Though you can measure the dbl. level at the speaker, and that will be the same for each speaker, one speaker is filling, sound pressure wise, more area than the other speaker. The ear-brain mechanism tries to compensate for all this and it comes out as a veiling and unnoticeable distortion, similar but not the same as intermodulation distortion that an amplifier will create. Sorry, but that's not a particularly good way of stating things, but it's the best I can do.”

    “What is Master Set:

    Master Set is a systematic procedure of setting up speakers that creates a stable music image that is the same from any seat in the listening room and eliminates inter-speaker distortion and the resulting listening fatigue from this distortion. In performing the setup procedure, one also mitigates the bass resonances of the listening room

    Master Set is an outgrowth of seminars held by John Hunter, owner of Sumiko Importers, for his dealers in order to better set up the speakers in the Sumiko dealer showrooms. It has remained pretty much an in-house procedure for the Sumiko dealers, with no published information of any kind, other than a few internet forum postings.”

    Here's another way to think of Master Set. I have it explained that Master Set is analogous to that of focusing binoculars. This does work as long as you accept the inherent assumptions.

    In focusing binoculars there are 3 steps:
    1. Focus the fixed lens on the subject
    2. Adjust the adjustable lens to your eye so as to get complete focus.
    3. Adjust the two lenses to your eyes/head so as to get a single image.

    This is a great rainy day project and best performed with a friend or willing assistant (wife).

    Please post your results here if you perform this or have performed this project.


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    Sounds interesting, Lou. Also makes sense when you think about it. And the cost is the best thing. Now I've got to convince my wife that we should do this. Honestly, though, if it comes down to a question of her time vs. me spending money on a new something-or-another, I think she'll just let me spend the money and shut me up. Either way, a win-win. :biglaugh:
    So say we all.