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Audyssey multeq or SPL meter

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  • Audyssey multeq or SPL meter

    Curious if I would benefit from calibrating my system using a SPL meter from radio shack versus what I have currently been using, which is Audyssey MultEq. Current system sounds great, but maybe I am missing out by not manually calibrating.

    Just curious on what is preferred and if there is a good resource on how to manually calibrate using an SPL meter.

    Thanks for any info.

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    I'll bump this to the top. I know that several members have had good results using and SPL meter to help dial in their systems.


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      In my experience one thing Audyssey does well is level matching.
      If you use RS meter without any compensation you will definitely end up with subs running hot. In my setup when running sub test tone there is almost 10dB difference between RS meter readings with and without (generic) calibration file.