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    Paul McGowan at PS Audio has started the Audiophile wiki, here is a copy of a post from the AV123 forum:

    Thanks Jess and thanks BillNchristy the glossary would be great!

    I just wanted to add my personal pitch for this on the forum. The wiki has been a dream of mine for many years and now we have the financial resources to make it a reality.

    What is it? The wiki is a part encyclopedia and a part how-to manual for audiophiles. That's the simplest I can say it. For the encyclopedia part, I want to memorialize all there is about high end audio before the people and companies that make up this great endeavor are gone and the info is lost.

    High end audio is one of the last true entrepreneurial activities left that involve music and its reproduction. One that has yet to be swallowed up by the giants and the bulk of which remains in the hands of people that care and people that matter. What a great thing to try and maintain.

    Thinks of your own MLS. Mark and I have been close friends for (it seems) a hundred years and I know no brighter entrepreneur than Mark. What's his story? What's in Mark's head? Pu's head? Arnie Nudell's head? Mike Kay? I want their knowledge, coupled with a world full of practical how-to knowledge to be available to anyone interested, for free, 24 hours a day.

    The wiki is a non-profit entity PS Audio is building and donating to the world. It won't have advertising, we don't use the or sell the mail list, we want it to be a free and pen resource for everyone.

    But we need help to build it. First and foremost we need visitors. Lots and lots of them. Visitors equal hits and hits equal search page rankings and search page rankings means more people are sent to the site by Google and that means more people get to read the truth about high end audio - and that's what we want.

    Secondly we need content. If any of you are writers or even industrious, you can help add content. I am going to try and get about 100 people together and pay them with product from PS. Perhaps other manufacturers will jump in and offer some as well. But in any case, we will do this.

    Those 100 people will be the core writers and contributers and help generate enough content to reach critical mass (something every wiki needs). Some of the core folks will be lifting and modifying hundreds of articles from Wikipedia. Articles on MOSFETS, turntables, and all things pertaining to high end. Others will be writing original pieces. The Wikipedia "heavy lifting" is something anyone can do with a little instruction. Basically Wikipedia is full of basic info that we can legally use to build our wiki. What we do is take the info, modify it to fit our wiki and cause and publish it. Each article takes about 15 minutes so one can do about 4 an hour.

    If you have the time and think you want to earn some PS product for your efforts, email me and let me know. Or, just go and contribute out of a desire to help! There's no restrictions on contributions of articles.

    Anyway, thanks for giving me the opportunity to spread the word. The wiki will benefit us all.

    To sum up, visit it every time you want some info. Type what you want to know in the search field and see if it's there. Not there? Write me and let me know and we'll add it. By doing this we get more hits as explained above. Tell your friends, help us build this gift to everyone.

    I am working with Paul on this as well as several of his employees and family members. Scott Day (Skeeter99), the Official AV123 Ombudsman is also contributing.

    We are working daily at filling in the blanks, and believe me, there are many. If you are interested in helping out, contact Paul or if it is easier, let me know and I will let him know...I did not want to go throwing his email up here and have him get spammed.

    Eventually, this will be THE place to find information. Keep in mind we are starting the articles very basic and they can be elaborated on later when there is sufficient content on the site to make it worthy.

    I also plan on taking my basic glossary over there and making it hotlinked to the elaborated articles on the site.

    So...join in and have fun transposing and waxing poetic about audio stuff or just visit and check out what we is kind of sparse now, but you can use your imagination and think about what a huge asset this will be to the community.

    Imagine...never having to answer a what is a... post again. :idea:
    Regular guy.
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