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Hearing more accurate than previously thought?

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  • Hearing more accurate than previously thought?

    Outstanding article on a recent scholarly study:

    "This research has significant implications for many fields of audio processing including speech recognition and development of audio compression codecs, such as mp3, which typically assume human auditory processing functions as a bank of linear filters. The test results also have ramifications for neuroscience in that it directly shows training as affecting and improving the limits of human perception. Purely in audiophile terms, the results make it clear that the human ability to discern accuracy in audio reproduction cannot be adequately described using just a simple frequency response plot, as is often assumed. Humans, particularly those with musical training, can discern much finer variations than these plots can reveal. This is something I personally have long suspected to be the case."

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      This comment by Jon on AVS today is a different extension on this topic, but I found it very apropos.............(unfortunately, I can't paste Jon's comments from the AVS page, so I am providing the page it is on.....)