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  • High Current reserve receivers

    Hi Jon/TAI friends,

    Thanks for the response on the mail regarding my queries on the right receiver for A3's.

    I am still confused and not sure which one of these has the highest current reserve?

    onkyo - 609 or denon 2311CI or marantz sr 5006?

    I have shortlisted the above based on the budget/features/reviews...


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    Either one of them will work just fine, although I think the 5006 and 2311 has better audessey and more features. Not sure why there have been so many threads about receiver and Arx speakers? A few on AVS as well. Arx are no different than most other towers or speakers, they are 8 Ohm and 89db it doesn't take a special receiver or separate amps for them. You'll only need separates if you play are extreme levels and clip your receiver, which if your playing them that loud, Arx and most other towers are what your looking for.

    I plan on getting the A3s soon, and will run they off a Onkyo 709, I've ran lower senitivity speakers off a Onkyo 605 and never had a single problem.


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      I agree GTP that there has been a lot of chatter about this.

      OP, I think that there is a demarcation line between receivers that will meet (or come very close to meeting) their rated output specs and those that don't.

      There isn't much truth in advertising when it comes to the wattage ratings of most home theater receivers and I understand your skepticism.

      Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, Yamaha Aventage, Sony ES, NAD, Pioneer Elite (the current models), etc all tend to be pretty honest with their rated outputs. A quality receiver (read: $600 or more) from any of these brands will work for any ARX speaker in a moderately sized room. ARX speakers are going to be EASIER to drive than most speakers in their price range. They are not hard on amplifiers by any stretch of the imagination.

      I ran the ARX A3 towers full range (and loud) using a ten year old Yamaha 5.1 receiver that was rated optimistically for 100 watts x 5 into 6 ohms. I had no issues for extended periods of loud playback.

      You always wanna buy as much amp as you can afford. The Onkyo 709 is a great receiver.

      There are tons of new and factory refurb Onkyos, Denons, and Marantz products at


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        Thanks Folks for your inputs!!

        I ended up ordering Denon 2112 CI from A4L to pair up with the A3's.
        Just could not convince myself to go against the denon + aud multi eq vs the onkyo and rest.