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    It seems whenever Chane speakers are being talked about on AVS there is a group or a single person with sock puppets trying to push other speaker manufacturers, or the post: 2.4 I just bought wasn't up to audiophile standards. I just had one post pulled, "If you don't like the conversation, then change the subject," when several posters tried to veer the conversation away from Chane speakers. At least I wasn't banned! It's probably best not to read audio forums. Too bad...but that is how I found Chane speakers.

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    There’s a group of users at AVS that remain very angry that neither Jon, nor I, nor a number of other Chane users, will permit that group to misrepresent a Chane speaker. It enrages them that we simply call to light their intentional misrepresentations.

    Hetfield James
    Kyzer Soze

    And a few others. None of them have ever actually been in the same room as any Chane product. Ever. Full stop.

    Much less heard one.

    Much less really listened to one.

    They all enjoy the macabre activity of bringing up Chane and Jon as often as possible in order to say bad things about the brand, the owners, Jon, or all three. And there’s a chilling effect that prevents the open sharing of information caused by their high school esque behavior. They are bullies.

    I suspect the mods are overworked and stretched thin. They likely don’t know who to believe. Though, the trolling behavior of those mentioned above is patently and obviously abusive and had the clear intent to deceive and mislead new users. Still, the AVS mods have an unenviable job of dealing with these tool bags. Tools that undeniably boost the AVS post count. They all love bloviating even when they have nothing meaningful to contribute. So that puts AVS in a very tough spot for the good people that run it. Do you enforce against several accounts that are primary drivers of traffic to your site? Or do you permit them to act like fools, up to a point?

    I’m not being sarcastic; that’s a tough call.

    I can honestly say that I do not enjoy most of the time I spend at AVS now. For the little bit of time I do spend there, most is spent monitoring the usuals above in their seemingly never ending quest to talk about speakers they never heard, and a brand they don’t like. It’s basically time wasted. But I still care too much about the truth to let them run their mouths uninterrupted.
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      Sometimes it gets to be kid gloves over there with those high maintenance personalities. Things start turning gangster in the brand-specific threads.


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        Originally posted by kabin View Post
        Sometimes it gets to be kid gloves over there with those high maintenance personalities. Things start turning gangster in the brand-specific threads.
        So true. And, funny thing, I have not yet seen a Chane supporter show up in a thread (uninvited) and be rude like they are. Ever.

        Yet they do it regularly.

        Still, I’m fine taking the high road. I don’t talk about stuff I haven’t heard, unlike that crew.


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          Yep, definitely a difference of character, maturity, and sophistication.


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            I contacted AVS. I hope by being proactive I am doing the right thing.


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              Originally posted by alan310 View Post
              I contacted AVS. I hope by being proactive I am doing the right thing.
              I get the impression that they are really swamped. I have reported more posts lately. Specifically in threads where the usuals show up and bring up Chane (just to trash the product, the customers [CULT!], and/or the owner). The mods seem to be okay with allowing more of that activity than would, say, an attorney who would be advising them on their liability in such things. But good people like us aren’t the ones going around suing everybody. Lol.

              I hope they can get this issue under control.

              You can bet the farm that if I picked a competing brand from one that I owned..... a brand I had never heard or had any contact with.... and I kept dropping into threads and forcefully changing the subject by repeatedly making posts that bashed said brand. Well, I would fully have expected to have felt the full weight of THE BAN HAMMER very early on. No idea why, but the above listed individuals and a few others haven’t encountered that response yet.

              I do know that they were all messaging Gary Mertz privately during his highly flawed bookshelf comparison last year. Several had reached out to Gary during the process specifically to “warn him about Jon”. I had actually been DM-ing with Gary for a few weeks at the point those others reached out to him. He was actually very friendly to me at first; admitting he knew NOTHING about audio and that he didn’t have perfect hearing (him being a drummer, I understood what he meant). I was actually the one that helped him devise his testing method and protocol behind the scenes. But I know about the time that they started communicating with Gary; it was right around the time that he was looking for a speaker switcher. I recommended a nice ABX thing that was just a straight wire pass through. Gary asked me about the impedance adjusting speaker switcher that he ended up using. I explained to him that any circuit that claimed to alter impedance in any way would be hugely detrimental to the accuracy of his evaluation. I even showed him the math behind it.

              He was initially very interested in this and we discussed it at length. He was trying to save $30 over the actual ABX switcher and I kept telling him, Penny wise and pound foolish. But then he literally just stopped responding to my messages. Cold... radio silence. Literally in the middle of a conversation. And that came the exact same day that the usuals began posting in that thread. I haven’t asked Jon about his interactions with Gary, but he had mentioned in passing that he, too, was having fruitful and enjoyable conversations with Gary being the scenes, and that they stopped suddenly as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ceased around the same time as mine.

              I said all that to say that the usuals are a very active crowd. They message each other behind the scenes to draw the others into the fray. Like school bullies yelling down the hallway “we found one!” as they hoist a new kid upside down by his ankles, pocket change falling to the floor.

              I actually don’t care for the political term “dog whistle” I find it to lack support or evidence and is mainly a way to dodge substantive debate; that phrase would NEVER have passed muster in any of my debate classes. But, in this narrow instance, it seems to be true. One jumps into a particular thread and signals the others.

              I won’t accuse them all of being the same person. I don’t think they are. The mods could certainly see their IP and fingerprint history. So I doubt it’s that. But they all so act very similarly; bash Chane as often as you can. Lead other members to think that you’ve actually got some experience with a Chane product, when you haven’t. Claim you’ve had beef with Jon (like LP90210), when the ‘beef’ you’ve had is when Jon won’t just stand by and let you mislead others about what he makes.

              I indeed feel like I’m taking crazy pills sometimes. I can’t be alone.


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                I received a reply from AVS. Usually I would not divulge a personal email, but this one is from an anonymous moderator or even the owner of the site. One can understand that freeloaders like myself have no power and my suggestions were crumpled and used for the basketball net above the garbage can.

                I believe AVS forum is part of the conspiracy and is about dollars and cents. AVS will not delete their posts.

                So, it looks like reporting them doesn't work.

                Kudos to Jon and the staff for making such quality, affordable products. It's their fault for making the competition so miserable. I'd hate to be a competitor of Chane. Baby didn't receive a new pair of shoes for Christmas.



                Per the forum rules each user agrees to, members are never to take matters into their own hands and reply to problematic posts because you then become part of the problem. Your options are to report without replying and to add users to your ignore list so their posts do not appear.

                Other users reported your "If you don't like the conversation, change the subject." as off topic having nothing to do with speakers and it was removed.

                To become a premium member, please follow this link -

                Thank You


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                  Originally posted by alan310 View Post
                  Kudos to Jon and the staff for making such quality, affordable products. It's their fault for making the competition so miserable. I'd hate to be a competitor of Chane. Baby didn't receive a new pair of shoes for Christmas.
                  The great majority of onlookers can't be expected to know what we're tapped into, but for going on ten years now, a few usual suspects apparently never forgave us for sounding better than their stuff*.

                  I strongly advise and recommend amplifying the good and leaving the bad. Chane naturally associates with music lovers, which you see all over positive conversations about our stuff. Meanwhile a tiny, waning minority of bad apples tries to drive out the good; it's up to higher-minded pursuits to rise above that negativity.

                  We've supported AVS for some time with memberships (and I think BJT does too) and we'll continue to. Hopefully even as it improved greatly under new ownership, it will continue to as we all progress together.


                  *unrelated to any online forum, over the years we've been harassed, defamed, libeled, and even threatened, as have others who raised their heads. Some people take this way too seriously. All we ever wanted to do was offer a valid alternative. We have and we will.


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                    I guess they are coming after me! My last post is being moderated: In my younger days the only Americana music I knew was the soundtrack to the movie, Deliverance. A Nashville friend asked me to join in a music label. I said, yes. Like I needed another job...but that is another story for a fireside chat. We started producing Americana artists. After some traction, mp3's just gave us our own deliverance. After this post I pulled out the old cd's. Hey, Americana is the real American music, along with jazz, blues, rock and roll and country. No matter what anyone thinks about the good old USA, we crush it when it comes to sounds. And, Chanes sound absolutely awesome for Americana.