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anyone have luck with an LCD TV with built in DVD?

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  • anyone have luck with an LCD TV with built in DVD?

    Hello - Looking for an LCD TV 27-32" for the
    bedroom with a built in DVD player. I want to wall
    mount this and keep wires to a minimum. Plan on
    using OTA high def channels so built in tuner a must.
    Anyone have any luck with finding one? There doesn't
    seem to be many around in the 32" size.
    PS> please move this to Electronics if deemed appropriate -
    but traffic here is better! :applause:

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    There is this one -

    A list different sizes with dvd players

    Comparison shop for in . See store ratings and reviews and find the best prices on with PriceGrabber's shopping search engine.

    My guess is these are not popular items - one thing breaks the whole thing has to be shipped to be looked at.


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      yep, I am coming to the conclusion that none of them have
      a decent DVD in them. I'll just look for a better 32" LCD 720P deal
      and then buy a separate DVD player.

      Now, maybe I should ask which DVD player <$79
      would be a good purchase? There are just too many
      of them out there to research -lol

      This is just for the bedroom, but I need the WAF - for
      both the TV - and more importantly, An EASY to use DVD
      player/remote for her to operate.


      PS> woo hoo! I'm a "Member" now! thought maybe I would
      go from junior member - to ass - to sorta ass - to Member!


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        Might as well just get the oppo with upscaling.


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          We need something like this for our dining room/ kids room. It'd be great to hang it on the wall. My wife's dad has a Vizio (or some other brand) with a built in DVD player he bought from Costco, but I have not seen any with built in DVD players there recently.


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            I have a Toshiba 17" combo in the kitchen. I don't have room or desire to use a standalone player and I need to play my Alton Brown DVD's while I'm cooking. :D

            I don't watch it critically, but like its picture and player. Everyone who visits is amazed though.

            Seems like an excellent tuner. My only complaints are the audio won't play as loudly as I like, too long of a time switching channels (not their fault) and it's an LCD.

            Yup. Put two things in one box and you risk one breaking and the other working. If the combo DVD player breaks, in addition to repairing it, you could then just hook up a standalone player.

            Toshiba makes larger ones in your size range.
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              I have been looking for the same thing due to space constraints. JVC has a combo that will be available this month that looks very promising. The LT-32D 200. Sams had a 32" JVC combo available last year that looked great.


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                Well I just bought a used Oppo DV-970HD DVD player
                that was modded to upconvert through component cables.
                I can use that for my 4 year old 1080i Hitachi 52" RP which has
                no hdmi connections. Paid $80 + shipping (hope I didn't pay too much)
                I'll move my H/K dvd player to the bedroom.
                I've been checking out 32" LCD TV;s and should be able to get
                a well reviewed one for $500.
                that JVC combo unit might be worth checking out -but unfortunately
                I believe it will be too much money when first introduced.
                My conclusion is that anyone who wants to purchase (a combo unit)
                now is pretty much s.o.l. in the 32" range. Smaller ones (< 25")
                are much more prevalent and thus you have more to choose from
                and better rated ones, imo.
                thanks to all who replied :yes:


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                  ProScan 37" LCD w/DVD at Costco for $525 shipped:


                  Westinghouse 32" LCD w/DVD (refurb) for $360 shipped:


                  This one is a deal of the day though and only lasts another 4 or so hours. I did see it available for a similar price elsewhere if you search.

                  Edit on the Westinghouse deal: DEAD


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                    That Westinghouse set is VERY tempting at that price.


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                      Originally posted by mhawker
                      That Westinghouse set is VERY tempting at that price.
                      It was! I had seen it at for $339, but it looks to be gone from there now too.

                      Probably should have bought one for our bedroom to go along with the Spherex (Mirage) 5.1 surround setup that I got from Klipsch's (API's) eBay store for $130.