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  • Need Help with Life Insurance Policy

    I know u guys are knowledgeable on almost everything. Except, DOJ. He doesn't know how to spell. And, well, Dane. He isn't much help in recommending the best porn. And, well, Quad. He has ABSOLUTELY no idea how to cook. I can't believe his "If I cook it, they will come". Talk about a man with a big ego. And, Buzz, he has no knowledge on the way to promote positive socialization. His view of world peace is a bit skewed. Hectic is just an idiot when it comes to EVERYTHING. And, Nobbie is MIA. Probably, off swooning Jessica Alba. The only reasonably intelligent guy on this forum is Ajax, but I know he is busy writing his memoirs about his history with obsessive women (ie, he has the most consistent and pertinent past dealing with stalking girls).

    But, I thought I would ask, anyway. So, here is the scoop:

    Man dies in 1995. Executor of the estate contacts his employer on behalf of dead man's wife. And, she is listed on employee's card as his beneficiary. She is able to collect a life insurance policy that is listed on that card.

    Wife dies in 1996.

    Fast forward 14 years later. Someone finds out that there is one more policy on that employer card that was never cashed in. Executor was never notified. Wife was beneficiary, but by now, employer and insurance company do not have that on file. According, to his old employer, dead man never existed. Ie, they cannot find him in their computrer. But, the insurance company confirms that they have policy and begin payouts based on the hierarchy of heirs rule. Only problem is employee card is found (at home, not by employer and it is a copy) after the fact and beneficiary is listed as wife. And, wife was alive when husband died and she did write a will.

    Insurance company is denying the claim by the wife's beneficiary and says they made payment in good faith. But, again, she outlived husband. She should have gotten that $ when her husband passed. The employer was contacted 14 years ago and only honored the one pay out and overlooked the other policy. Is that the fault of the employer or the executor? Also, the wife had a will and she listed a sole beneficiary. Shouldn't the policy be passed through her estate to her beneficiary?

    Copy of original first policy is in hand and even the check stub for the first policy. It is stapled to the employee card listing the wife as beneficiary. Of course, that policy is through another company and the second company says that the first policy has no bearing on the second. But, they are both listed on that employee card and again, wife is listed as beneficiary.

    60 days to appeal decision and not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated.