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Ok, another stoopie question about my marantz and bass

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  • Ok, another stoopie question about my marantz and bass

    I've been finding out there seems to be a lot of bass level difference in things I listen too. I have a separate bass and treble adjustment on my remote. But is there a way of quickly adjusting the lfe on the marantz without having to go into the speaker setup menu and doing it that way? :scratchchin:

    My wife sometimes has to get up for work at 4 am and so she goes to bed early. I would like a quick way to just turn the bass down so I dont get my :assshake: in trouble so much. Thanks.

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    My Denon has both the master level in the Setup, and direct access to level settings (which it retains depending on the surround mode in use). You might dig around in your manual to see if there is such a thing.

    I know that tables of contents are oft quite hard to find anything meaningful. Does the manual have an index? (not said sarcastically).

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      If you have a universal remote you should be able to set up a macro or series of commands that will adjust bass depending on your needs. I say "should" because this has been on my HT "to do" list for a while and I still haven't done it.
      As it turns out, I was never banned. I was wrong yet again. First Obama, now this. :)