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    I ordered a Canon Digital Rebel XS from the other day because they had an awesome deal. I got a "follow up email" to confirm my purchase and they asked if I wanted an extra battery for $19, I told him I would think about it... should I do it?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, I ask because I know nothing about these cameras or their batteries, it is a gift for my wife.

    Here is a link to the battery they are trying to sell me.


    They said that they had to confirm my shipping address because the shipping address was different than my billing address, and that I had to officially add the shipping address to my credit card. I haven't done this yet, and they already shipped the camera... so I guess its too late lol. I guess they just wanted me to call so that they could try to upsell me on a memory card and battery?

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    Go over to Newegg and see what they have for batteries. A little comparison shopping is a good thing.


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      Originally posted by Ray3
      Go over to Newegg and see what they have for batteries. A little comparison shopping is a good thing.
      Agreed.... newegg has excellent pricing on all kinds of stuff and I've found their service to be excellent.
      John W.


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        I was able to get the EOS Rebel with 2 Canon lenses from Tri State for $515 recently. The camera was for my daughter who is doing photography in college. It's always a good idea to have a spare battery since you can't use AA batteries as backup.

        If you want to go cheap, look on ebay for a knockoff. The hardest part is deciding which one to buy because there are so many available. OEM battery is like $60 so knockoff is a great deal if it works.

        Tri State would not ship to an address other than my credit card address. I think they are just trying to protect themselves from being ripped off.


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          If it's anything like the Rebel XSi, you won't need an extra battery unless you shoot ridiculous amounts of photos. I've taken 400 shots on a charge (no flash)
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