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On a lighter note. A subject we all will be a part of

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  • On a lighter note. A subject we all will be a part of

    I enjoy researching, analyzing and educating myself as much as possible. Both with "info" as well as people.

    FWIW, here is the appropriations website. As an FYI, the Bill Text .pdfs are long.

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    As well as our grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren.

    Over the past weeks while listening to our senators and representatives speaking on the different talk shows, I've started to think about how they compare intellectually to the founders of our nation.

    Something on the order of Thomas Jefferson vs Nancy Pelosi. Or McCain. Or Schumer. Fill in any names you want to on either side of the equation.

    Think of the proportion of the founding fathers to population of the time. Is this truly the best we can come up with? These are the people who are making decisions with the rest of our lives, and our children's.


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      Our founding fathers offered everything they had, including their and their families lives just to sign that parchment. The pricks we have now offer nothing and take whatever they can for themselves while trashing that same paper. Then we re-elect them... Maybe we are as dumb as they think.


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        I know it seemed like a silly action movie, but maybe "Eagle Eye" had a good point?

        I am not commenting on one pollitical view over another, but maybe we do need to wipe the slate clean.

        I know one of the biggest problems here in NC is that the current two party system is so engrained it's nearly impossible to get a 3rd party candidate on the ballot.

        I personally think there is something wrong when there are laws which prohibit people not in one of the major two parties from even getting on the ballot. The current system (seems to me) to be organized to just perpetuate itself.