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  • New to the audio world looking for advice

    Hi, I just recently got into the audio and home theater world. My current setup is a Denon avr-x2200w, a SVS PB-1000 sub, Jbl L5 towers, and a JBL 125c center. I was looking into and reading about the new A2.4 coming out soon and was interested in it. I wanted to get some advice from people with more experience about how the A2.4 and A5RX-C would fare against my current setup. Would this be a step up from what I currently have and how different will it sound vs what I have now?

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    Wow this is such a simple but loaded question. It really has no answer other than what your ears tell you and everyone's ears and perception is different. A lot has to do with what you like to listen to, how loud you like to listen, music or movies, etc. Some speakers do great with booming rap and hip hop and cant do classical or jazz worth a damm. The thing is you need to sit in front of them close you eyes and immerse yourself in the music. If it sounds great to you then to you it is a great speaker. For me I like a nice sound stage and be able to imagine where the instruments are in a room. just know what you like. For the price Jon makes a great speaker. If I were you I would ask if someone has them close to you and see if you can hear them. Bring your own music that you know well and I am sure the owner has his (or her's) favorites also. I wish I could give you a concrete answer but there really is not one. Hell some of my friends loved **** and I always thought it was like rubbing finger nails on a chalk board. To them they were great and that was all that really mattered.


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      Thanks for the response. I do about 85% movies 15% music on my setup. Mostly listen to electronic music and rock. I do want to try out different speakers but I haven't found anyone around me yet who is an audiophile. I live in Montgomery AL currently if anyone lives around here on these forums and would let me check them out that would be awesome. I do have a Best Buy and Cohens but their selection is limited and Best Buy seems to be mostly sound bars.