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Speaker Advice for Small Den/Office

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  • Speaker Advice for Small Den/Office

    Greetings from Western Massachusetts,

    This is my first time posting here and I’m looking for advice on a music system for a small den that we will be building in the basement (hopefully in the next 12 months).

    The room will be approximately 11’ x 14’ x 7’. The den will have a desk, tall filing cabinet and seating (such as a sofa or futon). Much of the wall space will be lined with shelves holding CD’s and DVD’s. The door will probably be on the rear third of the left hand, long side. I anticipate the speakers & electronics to be located in the front (short side) and seating in the rear. The desk will probably be along one of the long sides. Initially, I expect to use an older Harman Kardon AVR to power 2 speakers. I have a sealed 12’ Sub with nice tight bass. From my past experience, I prefer to crossover the front speaker lower than 80 hz (60 hz for my last bookshelf speakers).

    I assume that Arx5’s are overkill for this small space and that Arx1’s in a 2.1 configuration will nicely fill the room with sound at moderate sound levels (80db).

    With this layout would Arx2’s or Arx3’s provide significantly improved imaging/staging or mid/mid-base performance over the Arx1?

    Also any advice on the room layout/build would be appreciated.