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  • Funky Audyssey Parameters

    Hey guys! My 2 ARX A3rx-c and ARX A2rx-c speakers came late last week, and I've been breaking them in when I have free time (which never seems to be much). The new speakers are matched up with an SVS PB-1000 sub in a room that is approx 12W x 15L (it's actually open ended, with the far wall being approximately 35 feet from the front) x 10H. I've got two Energy Take Classics mounted as surrounds, which will eventually get replaced...

    So far everything sounds great! I waited about 10 hrs into 'break-in' before running Audyssey (MultEQ XT), and the results were kind of strange, so I decided to post here to see if anyone has any thoughts as to why I got the results the way I did.

    First off, the A3's are toed in approximately 10-15 degrees, and are approximately 1.5 ft from the side-bounding wall, but only 6 inches from their rear-bounding wall. For this reason, I have used the plugs from the moment I started their break-in. The A2 is also plugged, because it (unfortunately, for now) is sitting in an essentially enclosed space in my TV cabinet (TV is an older generation plasma, and as such is much too heavy to wall mount without some heavy duty equipment, and the A2 is too 'tall' to sit under the TV without blocking part of the screen). Because the A2 is housed in the TV cabinet, I lifted the front edge of the speaker a few degrees using some foam from the shipping container to better orient the tweeter. Audyssey measurements were made at approximately 12 feet from the speaker stage.

    Audyssey wanted to set all speakers as small (which I get, due to the plugs), but wanted to set the A3's crossover to 150 Hz, and the A2 to 40 Hz ?!?! Per Jon's recommendations when it comes to setting crossovers with plugged speakers, I reset the crossovers to 80 Hz for both A3's and the A2, but I have no idea why it would want such disparate settings!

    Anyone have any thoughts? All things being said, I know it's difficult to diagnose room-problems, but I'm just hoping someone would have ideas as to why Audyssey would give me such strange results!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I wouldn't worry too much. I have seen audyssey set Energy Micro sats to "large" and Aperion Verus Grande towers to "small".

    You may want to re-run it with the plugs out of the A3's, but manually changing the crossover to 60/70/80hz for the A3's would work just as well.

    To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Audyssey, though the XT32 version seems to work better than previous releases.


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      Ignore it, set your speakers to 80hz, and manually EQ 200HZ and below. That's usually what I do :)


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        Audyssey is reading the room, not just the speaker and is responding to what it percieves what each speaker can produce in that room in the position it is located. Move the speakers or unplug and you are likely going to get a different result. Significant room nodes will wreak havoc on these auto programs. I run Anthem ARC and the same type of thing can happen so sometimes you just have to use a little common sense and make some adjustments. The technical downside is that it messes a bit with the effectiveness (not necessarily audible) of the program. Just because you change the crossover point, it does not change what Audyssey (or ARC for that matter) is doing to the speaker EQ wise - fundamentally speaking.

        If you can relocate speakers you might do so and run again to see if you get less disparity but if not, just go with it and you should be just fine and as I said probably would not hear any real differences.

        I try to position speakers first for best responses with REW and a calibrated mic and then run ARC and then review again with REW and always have found a way to get great sound from just about any position. It's just easier in some cases than others to get it right.
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          Hey guys-

          Thanks for all your replies. I figured it was just a bad room read, and the speakers sound great as is (I adjusted the crossovers to 80 with the plugs in). I figure i'll let it run as-is for a while and mess around with placement after a few more nights of letting music play from the time I get home til the time I turn in for the night.

          Thanks again! Look forward to tinkering with everything soon.