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Happy Days are Here Again! The Chane website is open!

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  • Happy Days are Here Again! The Chane website is open!

    The website is up in all it's glory! Check out the top line of links, they're WORKING.

    Screw the Olympics opening ceremony, it's nothing compared to

    The Grand Opening of the Chane website! Now I need to get back to the gorgeous new pics in the Store Products pages - now, where did I put my credit card...:D:D:D

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    It is a sharp and fine looking thing this website! Very, very nice indeed! Congratulations to Craig and Jon!
    Now time for a celebratory beverage!!!



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      Finally, some branding to make an owner proud! Love it. And an extra 4.8 dB dynamic power? 1800 wpc peak, wow.


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        Congrats on a job well done, the site looks great, and I'm sure it's a reflection of all the hard work put into it. If my wife finds me looking at speakers though.......:evil:

        Great job guys!
        Coach Pat Summitt - Folding at Home


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          I've checked several times daily for weeks to see if the links were working yet. Great Job with the website guys! Looks Good. Now I need to figure out where in my room to put 4 more subs....


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            Hi guys - Thanks for the kind words about our new site. Jon and Bernie (IT Guy) ... ESPECIALLY Jon ... worked very hard on it. Some thoughts ....

            1. The model 3600 is the next run of MQ-600's. We have 100 on order - and they are being badged as the Chane 3600 for us, with our Logo on it. The 3600 comes from the 4 ohm power both channels in stereo. They will "do" 900 watts RMS into 4 ohms, or 1800 watts combined. They also have in excess of 3 dB in headroom for 3 second long signals ... or 3600 watts.

            2. Please let us know when you see typos. Some already have - thanks for this!

            3. Look for a lot of additional information added to our site over the next few months. Actually, new information will "never" end. After we get the Chane SBE-118 and VBE-118 to Josh Ricci, we will post his measurements on the site - for now, check out the CEA-2010 ratings. I think you will see we are offering a LOT of bang for the $$$$$.

            As an example ... let's look at the "adjusted to 1 meter, peak SPL" for our $2100 double VBE-118 subwoofer package. It should deliver an average of 131.6 dB from 20-63 Hz.

            Look at any other subwoofer package on the market. I know of no other package that can deliver this type of performance for $2100. This has been our goal from day one at the original Chase Home Theater, and you will see us taking this to new heights in 2014.

            4. While I am working on more subwooferage (yes, this is a word. honest.) ... Jon is hard at work on the Chane 'Arx' line up. We talk daily about what we want there - and there is more to come. I am stoked for what Jon has planned!


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              Congrats ! the store site looks great !
              My only trouble/complaint would be the black/dark background around the forum
              and all the "light" colors that, to me (being red green colorblind) , makes it really
              hard to read in some cases. I'd rather see darker and bolder colors and font.